I’m a photographer based in Nashville, TN, and the idea of having an “About” page written in third person makes me feel all sorts of uncomfortable. While most of my work is music and portrait photography, a great deal of what I do overlaps into the commercial and editorial realm as well.

After over a decade touring the world and pushing road cases for different bands, I now serve that same community with my camera. What a privilege to have been able to switch roles within that world, rather than uprooting myself to pursue photography elsewhere. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly, and I aim for my work to reflect that gratitude. I love music. I’m a nerd about it, and nothing invigorates me quite like the sound of a whirling Leslie or a solid turn of a phrase.

I’m a husband and father of three, which is why I dialed back from touring in the first place. Even still, I often jump back on the road to photograph a weekend run of shows, and I love it. I love music and photography, but it’s my family that makes me come most alive, and serving them is the driving force behind all of my work. We’ve got a beautiful and fairly unique story unfolding inside our home, and I share a good bit of that over on Instagram if you’re interested.

From behind the scenes songwriting sessions on the road, to documenting the making of albums, to shooting album artwork, endorsement shots, and merchandise photos… I’ve handled photography for almost every aspect of the music world. I’ve shot for commercial social media campaigns and industrial factory lines, political headshots and prison songs, editorial assignments, corporate headshots, and everything in between. I would love to see if what I bring to the table could serve you, as well.

I’m not a flashy guy. I’m not a hype guy, and I’ve got no swagger about me. But here’s what I bring to my clients’ projects: I deliver honest, dynamic, and creative images in a timely manner. My subjects feel relaxed on set and comfortable in their own skin. Often, after spending a day on set together, a client will mention that the experience felt more like a hang than a day spent at work. That is my aim. I’ll collaborate with you to craft and execute a vision for your project that connects with your audience and helps present the best, most honest you. I aim to capture bold and timeless photographs in camera that reflect truth and beauty, and if you give me a shot, you can trust that I’ll work my absolute hardest to serve your team and your project well.

Clients Include:

- Warner Music Nashville - Provident Label Group - Word Entertainment - Capitol CMG - Centricity Music - Fair Trade Services -

- Tooth & Nail Records - sixstepsrecords - Detuned Radio - NGEN Radio - Getty Music - Winter Jam - Vincent Reeve -

- Native Magazine - Nashville Arts Magazine - Briarworks International - AMAX - Send Musicians to Prison - Rolling Stone -

- Fender Musical Instruments - Compassion - Nicoletto's Pasta - LifeWay - Hurley - Streamline Events Agency -